Blue Diamond Watch

When it comes to the popular trend of blue diamond watches, there are numerous online jewelry web sites that offer all styles and designs for both men and women. In fact, the use of blue diamonds is viewed as a classic design in jewellery packaging with blue diamond dials and other parts of the watch featuring blue color diamonds. The blue diamond watches also are offered at various prices with 18k yellow gold and blue diamonds viewed as a more expensive version of this classic watch design.

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Blue diamond watches come in various designs

The watches with either a blue dial or blue diamonds featured in the design is inspired by vintage watches of the 19th and early 20th centuries, say watch experts explaining why this retro trend in blue diamond watches is so popular today in 2013. For instance, a watch from the turn of the 20th century with a rich blue dial and contracting brilliant yellow gold has recreated for today's market simply because of its remarkable blue look that is trending now. Also, the blue dial design is also popular with both men and women who seem to like the look of blue ceramic dials or even the more expensive blue diamonds that are set around the watch frame.

Gorgeous watch design includes diamonds

The use of a blue dial in watch design is counter to the usual white or bone color that is standard for most watch designs. In addition, the rich blue dial and a watches designed with blue diamonds is considered to be both fancy and practical for both every day and special use watches. Also, the watches made for underwater use are also commonly designed with blue dials or with vibrant bluish diamonds around the watch face and band.

Moreover, a typical blue diamond watch may contain an average of four blue colored diamonds that are round cut and with a blue diamond weight of about .05 carat.

Also, a typical diamond setting is called "pave" and is viewed as a high fashion type of watch with blue stone accents including diamonds on the bezel and band. The water resistant blue diamond watches are also very popular with swimmers and boating fans because of the bright blue design that seems to mirror the water.

Overall, there are many great timekeeping pieces on the market today with blue as a popular color for both the dial and diamonds that decorate the watch diameter.